Kitchen Desk

30 Jan

My new project. Yippee! I have quickly realized that the thought of doing work in the office upstairs with a toddler is…well…impossible. So this is my new solution! Why not construct a little built in desk in my kitchen (because obviously I’m there 90% of my day right?!). It’s as easy as buying one matching upper cabinet and a reminant slab of granite from my go-to guy. Not to huge but just enough space to work. Soon I will be able to store my paperwork out of sight, house the laptop permanently and have a place to work! VERY exciting stuff.

kitchen desk

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Backsplash with Style

14 Jan

The backsplash. The biggest way to make a statement in a kitchen but all that tile adds up quick in costs. This is all the rage right now and I want to move and renovate again just to do it! Instead of doing a tile backsplash why not replace it with something ever changing? The outdoors! Not only does this look ahhhh-mazing, it also gives you some light in that kitchen. And the cherry on top? The super functional extra cupboard space above it leaves for you where your old window used to be. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!?

window backsplash by jacquelyn

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Finish That Attic…

17 Dec

So often in homes there is a gem of a space up in the old attic. If you just want to gain a small space for the kids to play or a casual office sometimes it’s as easy as some drywall and flooring. If you are wanting a more functional space like a master bedroom, etc you may need to look at adding some headroom with a dormer. If a dormer isn’t in the budget here is a quick fix to buy some going up the stairwell or above a sink. Adding a skylight in opportune places buys you some space and some lovely light as well. So if you are thinking about finishing that attic make sure to think about the placement of those skylights!

skylight increases headroom in this refinished attic

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‘Tis the Season!

30 Nov

It’s that time again that decor gets stepped up a notch! I am often posed with the question “Should we forget about decorating for the holidays when we have our home listed for sale?”. Well, in my opinion there is nothing more charming than a holiday home, simply and tastefully done. Besides, you try to tell the kids they have to have most their toys in storage AND they don’t get a Christmas tree! I think the key to holiday decorating while selling your home is to pair it back and keep it simple. A candle here, a wreath there, and a tree on the small size if you have the room. Analyze your space…if you have limited square footage utilize wall space for decorating instead of trying to squeeze in a tree. Play up your entry way and exterior spaces the same way you would in the spring with a few winter planters, and perhaps some simple white lights. Just remember, simple can be festive at the same time!

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Pallet Island

5 Sep

I have always wanted to use pallets in interesting ways and have been determined to make myself a pallet coffee table. One of these days… This is a great way to add industrial into that kitchen! I love the look of the painted pallets to add a bit of contemporary rustic to a kitchen. Looks fab with the white floors and industrial lighting non? I’m a fan

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Hanging Kitchen Baskets

14 Jun

Wow what a great idea for a small space! I love the look of this hanging herb garden and love the hanging fruit basket idea. Why not take it outdoors? If it rusts a little bit it adds to the charm! I’m definitely including this on the patio this summer to save the planters for the flowers…herb garden no more!

Hanging basket garden

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Fresh Front Door

24 Apr

What better way to throw the house a street view facelift than to splash a little color on the front door. It immediately dresses up the exterior and the best part is you can change it with each new year. Simple to do and definitely freshens up any exterior! Saying I love this mint green door is an understatement…

Street Number Door Decal

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Coffee Table

13 Feb

Okay, so normally I don’t blog about chattles…sorry realtor speak…unfixed items such as furniture etc. but I just had to mention this. The functionality of this coffee table just blew my mind and it’s at a great price. The top of this coffee table split in 2 and spring loaded so you can store things inside and still get to them when all your other annoying coffee table staples (remote, magazines, coffee) are strewed all over the place. And that’s not all…it’s a built in tv table! If you are anything like me (and who isn’t?!?) you eat your dinner in front of the TV. This enables you to eat a decent height; no more leaning over! This one is definitely on the birthday list:)

At West Elm on sale for $417.28 right now


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Deck Awnings

25 Jan

I’ve got spring on my mind…I don’t know why;) And I have a deck/yard/exterior renovation to tackle now that the interior gut job is complete (pictures to follow I promise, I’ve been preoccupied with raising a new little human;)

If your deck is lucky enough to be anything like our new one it is south facing and very exposed to the elements…great for light and view but not so nice for blowing rain/winter bbq’ing/overheating the house in the summer. We really want some cover but not all the time. When we bought the house there was a very large corrugated vinyl fixed awning which made the house really dark and looked like…well you get the picture. What is the solution? I’m loving these custom made awnings that just roll out when you need them. Sure some of them happen to look like they should be attached to the ol’ fifth wheel but if you get one done up in custom colors to match your trim they really can look very reminiscent of a Parisian bistro in the summer months don’t you think? I’m going to put up some globe lights in the backyard to finish off the look;)

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Painted Chandeliers

18 Oct

I love the substance of chandeliers in a room but they are starting to getting a bit played out aren’t they? All the crystal and glitz and glam. Not to mention they seem to be everywhere from Walmart to Ikea. Another thing that you can find plenty of are brass lighting fixtures but who wants brass? NOT I. So why not spray paint them another fun color to spice up your room for minimal cost. I love the idea of doing one in aqua blue or yellow like the ones below. You never would guess they were once brass eyesores so go hit those second hand shops people!

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