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Bigger kitchen or a dining table…do you have to choose?

9 Sep

I have been on the hunt for a workable space (and affordable…ha!) for a young family lately and have run into a whole lot of apartment galley kitchens. Guess what? There is about an inch of counter space in those things and once you add some sippy cups to the equation good luck doing your dinner prep! So often these units do have a dining space beside the tiny kitchen, but just big enough for a very small table. So very small table, very small kitchen. Let’s change that up. Once you have a little one running around you spend a lot more time in that kitchen and personally I think you should maximize that space since chances are you will have worn feet marks in your hard wood by the time they head off to school…chop chop chop! But that being said you don’t want to miss out on a table! Why not expand your kitchen into the dining area, countertop included, and throw 4 stools underneath. Bingo. Plenty of additional counter space as well as a nice table for 4. You might even have some space left over for cute play kitchen;)

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Appliance Garage

21 Jul

So my hubby and I are always “conversing” about what appliances should be left on the counter and which should be put away. I love the look of a clean counter but if I’m using the kettle 3 times a day shouldn’t it just stay there?!

These “appliance garages” are perfect alternatives to the endless debating and I have my heart set on one. The appliances are at an arms length but also out of sight. Just make sure you get an electrician in so it’s wired accordingly!

Appliance garage, Declutter with an Appliance Garage

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Save a buck, save a tree

4 Jul

Ahhhh, kitchens. They are the place we spend a majority of our time and they are the most costly renovation to a house. That being said there are a lot of ways to save some bucks on your next kitchen reno without sacrificing style or equity potential. Buying floor model appliances is a good one. So is doing your own back splash (I did it and so can you!). Wood counter tops look great and are cheap cheap cheap! I think another great way to save costs is using shelving instead of upper cabinetry. Cabinets are expensive! Yes you need a nice place to hide all bags of rice and cans of beans but a nice pantry will suffice…but what about those wine glasses and your cute eclectic mug collection? Why not put it on display? By avoiding upper cabinets you can really save yourself some money…and I think gain some style (just make sure to have a drawer picked out for all those kiddie cups and tupperware).


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Painted Cabinets

3 Feb

I have always had a thing for painted cabinetry…maybe it has something to do with my mild obsession with Sarah Richardson of HGTV fame;) I think they make a space look so rich and cozy and can instantly transform the cheapest cabinets you can find into something very CUSTOM looking.

A few weeks ago I went to a cabinet maker and asked the dreaded question of how much it actually costs to professionally custom paint cabinets.  The answer was…are you ready for this?? “It depends, but less than you would think.” Yay! Isn’t that exciting? I’m already planning my next kitchen.  I love these cabinets in the mossy/chartreuse color, it makes the whole kitchen look funky but muted all at the same time. Happy painting!

Sunset Residence eclectic kitchen

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Vintage Back Splash

14 Dec

Okay…so as many of you might have already noticed I am a bit obsessed with back splashes…maybe because I’m about to do my own! Yes and you can too it’s very easy…just pick up that big orange book from Home Depot “Home Improvements 1-2-3”.

Anyways, I found this one that is very different…quite fitting for a 100 year old home non? I’ve never seen the vintage style tiles used as a back splash but they lend a pretty cool look to a renovated kitchen. I could go for these in robin egg blue:)

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Counter Lighting

8 Dec

I found this on my favorite blog “Design*Sponge”.  I thought it was a great idea to get counter lighting when you don’t have upper cabinets (which is all the rage right now;). It would be a quick install for an electrician during a renovation and looks so cool and industrial, and relatively cheap.  You can find similar lights for a bargain anywhere around town.  Definitely different than the other houses on the block.


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The William Cooktop

2 Dec

Some people go for a gas range…some for induction.  This is the new kid on the block. It’s honeycomb heating design allows you to throw what ever pot or pan you want anywhere on it.  It will heat up it’s 15oo touch sensitive honeycombs to exactly the right size and shape to allow perfectly even heating! You can use up to 85% of it’s surface area for heating different things, hello Christmas dinner! Makes a 4 burner stove look a little dated non?!? Each pot or pan creates a signature on the cooking surface and you control your temperatures on a very cool looking touch panel on the front…you can even set up a timer to turn off or turn up/down in “x” amount of minutes. Amazing!

Check out the William in action HERE

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Open Kitchen Shelving

25 Oct

I spotted this today at apartment therapy and thought it was great.  I love the look of open shelving but always have had reservations about it because of the need to have nice and neat looking stuff on it! This is a great idea to lend a little “industrial” look to a kitchen but still leaves everything at easy access.  Not to mention that you don’t have to gamble about how much will fit and where it will look best in the design stages. Plus if it your shelving starts to get a little messy just slide the glass over to cover it up!

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Stainless Steel Tiles

22 Sep

I heard about these tiles and they instantly piqued my interest.  The backsplash in a kitchen is always something that is hard to decide on especially when you have already chosen all the other aspects. I thought these would work great with all sorts of cabinetry and countertops and I think they would hide everyday splashes and splatters easier than a solid piece of stainless steel.  They also add a little spice but are quite subtle in the overall look. Me like;)

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