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Deck Awnings

25 Jan

I’ve got spring on my mind…I don’t know why;) And I have a deck/yard/exterior renovation to tackle now that the interior gut job is complete (pictures to follow I promise, I’ve been preoccupied with raising a new little human;)

If your deck is lucky enough to be anything like our new one it is south facing and very exposed to the elements…great for light and view but not so nice for blowing rain/winter bbq’ing/overheating the house in the summer. We really want some cover but not all the time. When we bought the house there was a very large corrugated vinyl fixed awning which made the house really dark and looked like…well you get the picture. What is the solution? I’m loving these custom made awnings that just roll out when you need them. Sure some of them happen to look like they should be attached to the ol’ fifth wheel but if you get one done up in custom colors to match your trim they really can look very reminiscent of a Parisian bistro in the summer months don’t you think? I’m going to put up some globe lights in the backyard to finish off the look;)

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Modern House Numbers

2 Sep

The finishing touch on many homes are the house numbers.  If you renovate the entire home why not finish off the look with some polish! The contemporary house number is all over dwell and other design magazines but I was appalled at how hard they were to find!  You can order them online but if you want to save yourself the shipping hassle to Canada and you live in the Vancouver area check out Bradford Decorative Hardware . They can order anything you want in and have a great showroom with everything from doorbells to door pulls. These “Avalon” ones are my favorite and they have transformed the look of our house from shabby to reno’d!

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Whitewashed Brick

11 Aug

I’ve got this thing with Vancouver Specials.  I love them desperately and have a vision!  The only issue I’ve been struggling with in my head is how to modernize the brick so many of them have on a budget.  I think I found it!  Whitewashing brick gives it an aged look that would be stunning with a nice modern door, aluminum windows and a glass railing.  All you need is some salt, molasses, alum, hot water and lime.  Paint it on and you are in business.  Voila!


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Modern Shed

4 Aug

These little (some big) prefab sheds are a great addition to any backyard.  They come in varying sizes, some simply can be used as sheds, some as cabins or small homes!  They have really nice choices for ceilings, exteriors and flooring making these an amazing home office, yoga studio or pool house! The prices are pretty steep (ranging from approx. $11,000 to $81,000) but they can throw it up in no time.  Wham bang boom, you gotta room!

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The modern fence

10 Jun

Thomas at the farm

We are putting in a nice new fence to keep that  darn cute West Highland Thomas in bounds;)

So…we have been wanting something relatively modern but not overly considering our house will be 100 yrs old shortly…and we were hoping to go a little french cottage on the landscaping.  We also wanted cedar but were swayed into pressure treated due to the fact I DESPISE painting fences…and the savings weren’t too bad either wink* wink*.  The posts were still okay but the fence panels that were there had definitely met their Westie match.  We are working off of this fence example by Peter A. Kirsch-Korff based in California.  Ours will be a little shorter due to the fact the posts were only 4.5 ft.

I will post “after” pics shortly…hopefully sooner than later;)

Modern Horizontal Cedar Fence - Los Angeles, CA

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