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Fireplaces for small spaces

1 Dec

I love our house. It’s cozy in all forms with two little ones, a husband, and a Terrier to boot. Throw in too many toys, a play kitchen, a shopping cart, a doll stroller, and a newly acquired scooter (Happy birthday Dylan! Those are for outside right?!?) our 600 square foot main floor is starting to feel a bit cramped. But I still have my heart set on a fireplace, even if I only get to turn it on for an hour once the kids are in bed and before I fall into my own zombie slumber.

But the thought of putting a fireplace into our small space makes me feel claustrophobic as I’m just not interested in a wall mounted look, electric or ethanol. Gas all the way. We are talking framing, dry walling, mudding, sanding, painting… oh my! So, why not use some dead corner space in the room to fulfill my fantasies? I didn’t want that plant anyway! Meet Malm fireplaces. They started making these in 1960, so they obviously know a good thing when they see it. Wouldn’t it make these cold winter nights so much better and be such a breeze to install! And how awesome are the mid century vibes and endless colors to choose from? Definitely on my Christmas wish list…I’m thinking white…or rust orange…

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