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Bigger kitchen or a dining table…do you have to choose?

9 Sep

I have been on the hunt for a workable space (and affordable…ha!) for a young family lately and have run into a whole lot of apartment galley kitchens. Guess what? There is about an inch of counter space in those things and once you add some sippy cups to the equation good luck doing your dinner prep! So often these units do have a dining space beside the tiny kitchen, but just big enough for a very small table. So very small table, very small kitchen. Let’s change that up. Once you have a little one running around you spend a lot more time in that kitchen and personally I think you should maximize that space since chances are you will have worn feet marks in your hard wood by the time they head off to school…chop chop chop! But that being said you don’t want to miss out on a table! Why not expand your kitchen into the dining area, countertop included, and throw 4 stools underneath. Bingo. Plenty of additional counter space as well as a nice table for 4. You might even have some space left over for cute play kitchen;)

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