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Eating nook + Island

27 May

Short on space? Want a bigger kitchen but still want a dining room? Solution! This genius idea would work really well in a narrowish kitchen space or just in general if you want to steal some space from the dining room to increase your kitchen size. Why not build an eating nook directly onto that island…it’s three times the seating you would have gotten if you just had bar stools and you have to buy half the chairs!

Awesome bench seating attached to island, gorgeous hood, love the colors and patterns. simply beautiful. much attention to detail.Dream A Little Dream

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Galvanized Stock Tank Garden

15 May

I’ve got veggies on my mind! Our disaster yard is finally getting some tender lovin’ care and I have been researching veggie plots because I’m going to go hard into this! Well, guess how much cedar veggie plots cost? I was so surprised how much  it cost to get a custom cool looking veggie plot constructed. So I’ve had my eye on this idea for a long time and it turns out to have a lot of positives to cedar boxes for me. A) It’s cheaper. Who would have thought?! B) Their look goes right along with my need for “contemporary cottage”:) C) Our darn Terrier can’t get high enough to get into all my veggies and eat all my snow peas…THOMAS!

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