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Living Teepee

18 Apr

I’ve definitely got garden on my mind. We are about to jump on our backyard with our friends @ Aloe Designs (if you don’t know them, click here! And Caitlin’s great blog too here!). We really want a fun space to play with the widget and for the Terrier to patrol (not like he doesn’t anyway, it’s what he does best). I’ve been struggling with making an actual “play zone” but the thought of staring at kid crap even once they are in bed makes my head hurt. I always loved to make forts etc when I was little and was obsessed with finding little “secret gardens” outside in the yard and great beyond. I want to have that in our yard! Alas, it is tres tricky here in the city. So…I’ve decided I would make my little lady a teepee for the backyard to play in. But why stop there? Why not make it a living teepee! This is just genius, and easy too. Runner beans will work just fine as they grow so quickly! She can play in her fort, Thomas the Westie gets his bean snacks 1 foot and below and mom gets her beans above:)

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