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Kitchen Desk

30 Jan

My new project. Yippee! I have quickly realized that the thought of doing work in the office upstairs with a toddler is…well…impossible. So this is my new solution! Why not construct a little built in desk in my kitchen (because obviously I’m there 90% of my day right?!). It’s as easy as buying one matching upper cabinet and a reminant slab of granite from my go-to guy. Not to huge but just enough space to work. Soon I will be able to store my paperwork out of sight, house the laptop permanently and have a place to work! VERY exciting stuff.

kitchen desk

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Backsplash with Style

14 Jan

The backsplash. The biggest way to make a statement in a kitchen but all that tile adds up quick in costs. This is all the rage right now and I want to move and renovate again just to do it! Instead of doing a tile backsplash why not replace it with something ever changing? The outdoors! Not only does this look ahhhh-mazing, it also gives you some light in that kitchen. And the cherry on top? The super functional extra cupboard space above it leaves for you where your old window used to be. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!?

window backsplash by jacquelyn

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