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‘Tis the Season!

30 Nov

It’s that time again that decor gets stepped up a notch! I am often posed with the question “Should we forget about decorating for the holidays when we have our home listed for sale?”. Well, in my opinion there is nothing more charming than a holiday home, simply and tastefully done. Besides, you try to tell the kids they have to have most their toys in storage AND they don’t get a Christmas tree! I think the key to holiday decorating while selling your home is to pair it back and keep it simple. A candle here, a wreath there, and a tree on the small size if you have the room. Analyze your space…if you have limited square footage utilize wall space for decorating instead of trying to squeeze in a tree. Play up your entry way and exterior spaces the same way you would in the spring with a few winter planters, and perhaps some simple white lights. Just remember, simple can be festive at the same time!

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