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Appliance Garage

21 Jul

So my hubby and I are always “conversing” about what appliances should be left on the counter and which should be put away. I love the look of a clean counter but if I’m using the kettle 3 times a day shouldn’t it just stay there?!

These “appliance garages” are perfect alternatives to the endless debating and I have my heart set on one. The appliances are at an arms length but also out of sight. Just make sure you get an electrician in so it’s wired accordingly!

Appliance garage, Declutter with an Appliance Garage

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Save a buck, save a tree

4 Jul

Ahhhh, kitchens. They are the place we spend a majority of our time and they are the most costly renovation to a house. That being said there are a lot of ways to save some bucks on your next kitchen reno without sacrificing style or equity potential. Buying floor model appliances is a good one. So is doing your own back splash (I did it and so can you!). Wood counter tops look great and are cheap cheap cheap! I think another great way to save costs is using shelving instead of upper cabinetry. Cabinets are expensive! Yes you need a nice place to hide all bags of rice and cans of beans but a nice pantry will suffice…but what about those wine glasses and your cute eclectic mug collection? Why not put it on display? By avoiding upper cabinets you can really save yourself some money…and I think gain some style (just make sure to have a drawer picked out for all those kiddie cups and tupperware).


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