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Paint that tub!

28 Apr

When ever you walk into a home and there is an original clawfoot tub you have to just say to yourself “wow”. They are a diamond in the rough these days but some are in better shape than others. I thought this is a great idea to revitalize a tired tub and add a little pizazz to your bathroom. Did you know you can paint them any color? It never even crossed my mind! I recommend hiring the professionals to refinish the inside though…and a word from the wise…the more you scrimp on the cost the more you will be swearing when the paint starts chipping of within months. Definitely a time when it’s money well spent!

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Chalkboard Fridge

26 Apr


A chalkboard fridge…what an idea when you don’t have the cash to get your new set of stainless steel appliances! Doesn’t need much explanation here just head on down to your local home depot and pick up some chalkboard paint. It would make a space pretty funky and would even work in a contemporary kitchen…better than staring at an old Maytag from the 80’s!

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Add a Powder Room

14 Apr

More times than not when we see old houses in Vancouver they only have one bathroom, often on the second floor. Most of the time it’s difficult to find a spot to squeeze in a second bath in an old house. That is where the powder room comes in. It’s amazing how little space you need for a toilet and a sink. This is a perfect example of utilizing the “closet” that you often find under the stairs in houses with basement suites. When the stairs have been taken out to the basement to create the suite it leaves this great zone for your new half bath. If that isn’t a selling feature I don’t know what is;)

Harris Powder Room modern powder room

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Plant a Garden by Color

5 Apr

Spring is here and the market is hot! This is definitely the most popular time to ready that house for the market and throw it up! Chances are the garden is looking terrible after a long wet winter and it needs some TLC. This is a great concept to get your garden looking fabulous on a budget. Color code it! By buying flowering plants in the same shade of color it will really pull a yard together quick and easily…and it will save you some pennies to put into your new homes garden down the line!


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