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Iridescent Tiles

30 Mar

I never used to like the look of these types of iridescent tiles while perusing the tile shop…I always thought they looked a bit too fussy. Then I saw them done in a shower and I thought they looked fabulous. I think the great thing about these tiles is that they create a watery sort of feeling for me, like the ocean and shells and pearls, and you can use them for detailing or as a feature wall. I think they would also be a great option for a low fuss shower or bath as the shimmer of them would hide soap scum and water marks. An added plus is that they are made of recycled glass. They look rich non?? (but not really:)


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Stairs With Limited Space

21 Mar

So often when you buy a home you have the opportunity to add some value and square footage by opening up the attic space. A lot of the time the problem lies in finding a spot in the home to put the staircase, as they take up so much room and affect ceiling height. More often than not you end up with a tiny, narrow, steep stairwell. This is a great idea to make that weird little staircase a piece of art! Show it off right in the center of the house instead of hiding in a far off corner of the house.



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Updating a Tired Vanity

11 Mar

So these sinks are beautiful don’t you think? They have quite a wide base which makes them an easy replacement for an old tired sink. A countertop basin sink is an instant modern update for any bathroom bringing it instantly into 2011. If your counter is still in decent shape you can easily install this sink right over the hole of the old one in a heartbeat. Add a new faucet and you’re laughing. You can find a very similar looking countertop basin at my favorite store for $135

Zenbath contemporary bathroom

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Ceiling Lights

9 Mar

I saw these amazing lights at one of my favorite stores “Vancouver Special“. They’re called E27 Pendant Lights and are really affordable and come in a bunch of different wild colors. I think they would make great kitchen island lighting or over a dining table. You can find them online at Design Within Reach as well.

E27 Pendant

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Color Sorted Bookshelves

1 Mar

This is a VERY cheap design idea. I don’t know about you but I love heading into American Apparel. Not necessarily for their overpriced t-shirts but just to set my eyes ablaze on the rainbow of color. That being said, I have never purchased anything from there. Not because I hate the styles but I can never decide on what color I want…they always look so boring when they aren’t side by side with their colorful friends! So why not do the same merchandising on your book case at home? I love bookshelves in homes for so many reasons. They are such a splash of color in a room and good reads on bookshelves have been known to sell homes (surprising I know but true!). If you are wanting a fresh look in your living room why not arrange your books by color and witness the new look to the room!


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