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Folding Patio Doors

22 Feb

It’s almost patio season…well not really but a girl can dream.  I have my eye on these beautiful patio doors.  It’s  a definite spend in comparison to heading down the the ol’ Depot  and picking up stock french doors but come summer I think these would make a living space! If you have a nice exterior outdoor space these will expand the living space all summer long…not to mention they look real cute and contemporary for the rest of the year.  I want.

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Finishing an attic

9 Feb

Finishing an attic is a great way to add square footage and usable space in a home you are purchasing or outgrowing.  So often bungalows only have two bedrooms and limited living space…especially in the Vancouver market when chances are the basement is being used as an income suite.  Attics make beautiful spacious master suites or great offices and playrooms.  If you have enough ceiling height you can easily insulate and drywall the space and maybe add some skylights too, and if you want to make it even more functional you can add dormers to increase ceiling height and functioning square footage.  Dormers do come with a pretty price tag due to the affect it has on the roof structure but it also adds a lot of value to the home, a great idea to prepare your home for sale!

PLASTOLUX “keep it modern” » A 1912 bungalow goes modern in Portland contemporary bedroom

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Painted Cabinets

3 Feb

I have always had a thing for painted cabinetry…maybe it has something to do with my mild obsession with Sarah Richardson of HGTV fame;) I think they make a space look so rich and cozy and can instantly transform the cheapest cabinets you can find into something very CUSTOM looking.

A few weeks ago I went to a cabinet maker and asked the dreaded question of how much it actually costs to professionally custom paint cabinets.  The answer was…are you ready for this?? “It depends, but less than you would think.” Yay! Isn’t that exciting? I’m already planning my next kitchen.  I love these cabinets in the mossy/chartreuse color, it makes the whole kitchen look funky but muted all at the same time. Happy painting!

Sunset Residence eclectic kitchen

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