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Stainless Steel Countertops

21 Dec

There are many beautiful things about stainless steel countertops.  I think the thing I like most about them is the fact that they are what you make of them.  If you want a pristine look you can be meticulous and use cutting boards abound, but on the other side you can let them shine with a natural patina.  The more you use them the more they become worked in and lovely.  Stainless steel counters aren’t cheap (similar to granite) but hold up well to heat and water, are germ resistant and easy to clean. It’s also great to be able to mold them into what every shape you need…it’s possible to have your kitchen sink (and drying rack!) molded right into the counters.

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Vintage Back Splash

14 Dec

Okay…so as many of you might have already noticed I am a bit obsessed with back splashes…maybe because I’m about to do my own! Yes and you can too it’s very easy…just pick up that big orange book from Home Depot “Home Improvements 1-2-3”.

Anyways, I found this one that is very different…quite fitting for a 100 year old home non? I’ve never seen the vintage style tiles used as a back splash but they lend a pretty cool look to a renovated kitchen. I could go for these in robin egg blue:)

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Counter Lighting

8 Dec

I found this on my favorite blog “Design*Sponge”.  I thought it was a great idea to get counter lighting when you don’t have upper cabinets (which is all the rage right now;). It would be a quick install for an electrician during a renovation and looks so cool and industrial, and relatively cheap.  You can find similar lights for a bargain anywhere around town.  Definitely different than the other houses on the block.


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The William Cooktop

2 Dec

Some people go for a gas range…some for induction.  This is the new kid on the block. It’s honeycomb heating design allows you to throw what ever pot or pan you want anywhere on it.  It will heat up it’s 15oo touch sensitive honeycombs to exactly the right size and shape to allow perfectly even heating! You can use up to 85% of it’s surface area for heating different things, hello Christmas dinner! Makes a 4 burner stove look a little dated non?!? Each pot or pan creates a signature on the cooking surface and you control your temperatures on a very cool looking touch panel on the front…you can even set up a timer to turn off or turn up/down in “x” amount of minutes. Amazing!

Check out the William in action HERE

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