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Stainless Steel Tiles

22 Sep

I heard about these tiles and they instantly piqued my interest.  The backsplash in a kitchen is always something that is hard to decide on especially when you have already chosen all the other aspects. I thought these would work great with all sorts of cabinetry and countertops and I think they would hide everyday splashes and splatters easier than a solid piece of stainless steel.  They also add a little spice but are quite subtle in the overall look. Me like;)

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Rethinking Bathroom Logic

14 Sep

Who says the bathroom needs to be organized in the usual way? If a 5 year old designed a bathroom I bet they would do it like this…washing the day away while enjoying the view!

Now obviously this is depending on room size but doesn’t it just make perfect sense to use the biggest most beautiful feature of a bathroom right there smack dab in the middle? I like it.

Find this tub at your local flea market or at

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Modern House Numbers

2 Sep

The finishing touch on many homes are the house numbers.  If you renovate the entire home why not finish off the look with some polish! The contemporary house number is all over dwell and other design magazines but I was appalled at how hard they were to find!  You can order them online but if you want to save yourself the shipping hassle to Canada and you live in the Vancouver area check out Bradford Decorative Hardware . They can order anything you want in and have a great showroom with everything from doorbells to door pulls. These “Avalon” ones are my favorite and they have transformed the look of our house from shabby to reno’d!

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