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Translucent Walls

31 Aug

I thought this was a great idea. This home’s bathroom is in the middle of the upper level so there was no window. To add some light and an airy feeling to the space they built one wall out of a translucent material. I love the look of the 2×4 frame behind with the screws…it lends well to an industrial look on a budget.

Park Street Residence Bathroom 2

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Wallpaper Headboard

23 Aug

Well, I wish I thought of this.  So simple, inexpensive and classic…I just love it.  Sometimes after a renovation or design overhaul you just don’t have the funds to invest in that custom upholstered headboard so why not fake it for a while?  And this would take what…an hour to do?  Brilliance.

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Whitewashed Brick

11 Aug

I’ve got this thing with Vancouver Specials.  I love them desperately and have a vision!  The only issue I’ve been struggling with in my head is how to modernize the brick so many of them have on a budget.  I think I found it!  Whitewashing brick gives it an aged look that would be stunning with a nice modern door, aluminum windows and a glass railing.  All you need is some salt, molasses, alum, hot water and lime.  Paint it on and you are in business.  Voila!


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Modern Shed

4 Aug

These little (some big) prefab sheds are a great addition to any backyard.  They come in varying sizes, some simply can be used as sheds, some as cabins or small homes!  They have really nice choices for ceilings, exteriors and flooring making these an amazing home office, yoga studio or pool house! The prices are pretty steep (ranging from approx. $11,000 to $81,000) but they can throw it up in no time.  Wham bang boom, you gotta room!

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