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The New Fireplace

29 Jul

I’ve got my eye on this prize. I love the idea of installing this fireplace in a home that doesn’t already have one.  It would be easier with less structural work.  Plus this one can be installed close to a wall or in the center of the room…and it spins!  No matter where you are in the room you can enjoy it!

It’s got a cottage contemporary thing going on and I like it…my two favorite things!  This “Renzofocus” by Focus is sure to make an amazing addition to any room, no matter what style of home you live in.


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Floating staircase

21 Jul

I saw this while viewing a home recently and fell in love with it. The stairs are stabilized between the wall and the glass and anchored on a mid beam, creating a “floating” effect.  A railing could be fastened to the other wall no problem the keep the glass clean of fingerprints (*toddler warning*!) Another idea is using the area under the stairs to display something you love.  I think this look would be great in a contemporary or character home.  It might add just the right amount of edge to 100 year old house!

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Lily of the Nile

16 Jul

I saw Lily of the Nile at the garden shop for the first time and picked it up.  It is beautiful with lots of bright green foliage and purple flowers that shoot up.  I was so excited to plant it but didn’t get the chance before we took off to San Francisco.  Then I immediately noticed it was planted EVERYWHERE there!  I swear it must be the most popular plant hands down.  I don’t know if it’s one of those things like when you buy a new car you realized that a billion other people own it too but either way I was just excited to look at it all day, everyday, and am excited for mine to bloom.  Yay!

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Industrial Tubs

14 Jul

Now I’m a sucker for a beautiful clawfoot tub but this is a darn good looking alternative.   The Double Wall satin finish stainless steel tub by Neo-Metro is $12,950…don’t know if it’s worth it to me but should be for somebody.  I don’t know if it would be the comfiest tub to lay for hours in or to keep clean (I’m thinking you’d need a lifetime supply of METHOD stainless steel cleaner) but who has time to bathe these days anyways??!!?  Why not make your tub the bathroom art instead!

I’m not a fan of how they have displayed it in the photo.  I mean wouldn’t it just be an amazing piece in a girly bathroom?  I’m dreaming of one with floor to ceiling windows backing onto a lush backyard.  Throw a little carrera marble in the mix and you are good to go!

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