The modern fence

10 Jun

Thomas at the farm

We are putting in a nice new fence to keep that  darn cute West Highland Thomas in bounds;)

So…we have been wanting something relatively modern but not overly considering our house will be 100 yrs old shortly…and we were hoping to go a little french cottage on the landscaping.  We also wanted cedar but were swayed into pressure treated due to the fact I DESPISE painting fences…and the savings weren’t too bad either wink* wink*.  The posts were still okay but the fence panels that were there had definitely met their Westie match.  We are working off of this fence example by Peter A. Kirsch-Korff based in California.  Ours will be a little shorter due to the fact the posts were only 4.5 ft.

I will post “after” pics shortly…hopefully sooner than later;)

Modern Horizontal Cedar Fence - Los Angeles, CA

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