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Red cedar incense

14 Jun

First off, I discovered one of the most eclectic and fabulous stores in Vancouver yesterday called the “Old Faithful Shop”.  They carry little bits and bobs you didn’t know you needed until you got there…like Red Cedar Incense!  It will make your house smell like the perfect lingering scent of campfire…but in a good way.   Everyone should head down to the shop to check out their amazing selection of housewares… you won’t leave empty handed.

Old Faithful Shop – 320 W. Cordova Vancouver BC


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The modern fence

10 Jun

Thomas at the farm

We are putting in a nice new fence to keep that  darn cute West Highland Thomas in bounds;)

So…we have been wanting something relatively modern but not overly considering our house will be 100 yrs old shortly…and we were hoping to go a little french cottage on the landscaping.  We also wanted cedar but were swayed into pressure treated due to the fact I DESPISE painting fences…and the savings weren’t too bad either wink* wink*.  The posts were still okay but the fence panels that were there had definitely met their Westie match.  We are working off of this fence example by Peter A. Kirsch-Korff based in California.  Ours will be a little shorter due to the fact the posts were only 4.5 ft.

I will post “after” pics shortly…hopefully sooner than later;)

Modern Horizontal Cedar Fence - Los Angeles, CA

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What to do about the old windows…

4 Jun

We managed to salvage an original glass door from our reno and I just didn’t have the heart to part with it when we couldn’t find anywhere to use it.  Since then it’s been sitting in our office leaned up against the wall driving me crazy.  I thought maybe we could replace the glass with mirror and it would be quite a piece but decided it might be a little to country for our tastes.  So this might be a perfect solution!  It is quite contemporary non?!?  I love using the hinges on the corners!  Feeling a summer project coming on:)

DIY garden table

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Best wall color ever!

2 Jun

This is the perfect green/grey wall color according to me!  I have been trying to find something like this forever it seems.  The picture ledge above the bed is such a great idea as well, adds something so eclectic to the whole space….not to mention the amazing old bed frame:)   So simple but so lovely!


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old vintage school maps

1 Jun

Isn’t this just the most amazing idea?  Sometimes all that wall space can feel a little daunting…what a fabulous way to take up the space and add a little color to a room.   I’m a fan, count me in!

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